jen snyder, HMS Logbook author + Program director

Jen is a College of Charleston graduate who has spent most of her life in the quaint, Holy City of Charleston, SC, raising her daughter, working with the family business, singing in several bands and authoring the HMS Log Book series.

In 2013 Jen was called to create a journal that would provide a safe and loving way to bring order, inspiration and loving accountability to the busy user. The first edition of the HMS Log Book launched in the Spring of 2014 and is a one of a kind guided experience with a unique fill-in-the-blank format. Life coaches, therapists and doctors love recommending this wonderful journal.

Jen offers workshops and group sessions that are designed to inspire a lasting self-care practice with the HMS Log Book as the foundation. She also works with young women in the local high schools and middle schools presenting her Female Empowerment Program. This ongoing workshop series is designed to bring teenagers into a safe space where they can connect to and accept all parts of themselves while learning new and exciting ways to support themselves and each other without judgement, shame or guilt.

You can also find Jen leading Healing Sound Baths at Still Soul Studio in Charleston, SC. Jen is fascinated with the ancient concept that sound manipulates matter and offers this weekly musical mediation for her own benefit as well as the community’s. With a healthy sense of humor and a toolbox chock full of high vibrational empowerment tools, Jen draws on her 21 years of parenting skills in helping guide women of all ages to the Self-Care Revolution.