This dynamic duo is equal parts relevant and newly discovered lifestyle approaches to live harmoniously in this fast-paced modern world and time-tested, ceremonious health rituals that keep us connected to the ourselves and Source from which we draw all life and inspiration. Caryn is known for her grounded, space-holding approach. Elli is a German-born sparkplug who endlessly radiates love. Their collaborations attract all kinds of people who are on their own personal mission to support and nourish others through grief, change, and transformation.

Caryn + Elli started working together in 2016 during a time of deep grief for them both and have used their own methods and those they've learned along the way to tap into a joy and connectedness that has expanded their ability to share exponentially. Together they create soulful win/win experiences, where non-profits, local businesses, and guests have opportunities to connect deeply to the moment through interactive practices specially designed to heal mind, body, and spirit. Whether you attend The Mini Retreat or one of their other collaborative experiences in person or online, get ready to dive deeply, live fully, and make magic happen.

 Caryn O'Hara,  International Ayurvedic Health Counselor + Wellness Guide

Caryn O'Hara,

International Ayurvedic Health Counselor + Wellness Guide

 Elli Richter,  International Holistic Life Coach

Elli Richter,

International Holistic Life Coach

Fall Mini Retreat 


Bread + butter charleston

Bread + Butter is a burgeoning nonprofit organization aimed at connecting Charleston’s hospitality industry with the community at large through staffing and service initiatives. Bridging the gap between job training and placement for Charleston’s hospitality community, Bread + Butter serves as an umbrella organization to help Charleston address its staffing shortage by working with these culinary training programs to provide the resources they desperately need. They also serve as a resource to connect area restaurants with local nonprofits and directly address the staffing shortage, by screening and placing qualified hospitality workers in positions.

Headlining Presenters


Abigail Mcclam, owner of lotus healing centre

Abigail’s personal journey with chronic pain has served as a source of inspiration, heartbreak, and enlightenment over the last thirty years. She believes “chronic pain has been (her) greatest teacher on how to live life with instead of against pain”. 

Abigail shares her experiences, knowledge, and skills with others as a Holistic Massage Therapist, Certified Arvigo® Therapy Practitioner of the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy®, Advanced Pediatric Massage Therapist, Lotus Co-Op & Education Coordinator, and owner of Lotus Healing Centre....


AnneLauren Jolly, Int. make up artist + holistic aesthetician

Anne Lauren is an International Makeup Artist and Holistic Aesthetician specializing in Eminence Organic Skincare Stella Nova Mt. Pleasant. She is a Charleston native and has served the spa, wellness and beauty industry for 14 years. Her passion for inspiring and educating others to “cultivate and elevate” a holistic beauty ritual is genuine and wholehearted. Born under the Sun Sign of Libra and ruled by Venus, it is only natural that she instills in her clients the balance of beauty, harmony and peace through organic, holistic self-care practices. From Earth to skin...



Stephanie "pixi" morris, Priestess + Intuitive educator

The desire to help others heal themselves led Stephanie “Pixi” Morris down a path of learning many different healing modalities. After being a teacher herself at private schools in Memphis, TN and Charleston, SC for 8 years, she is passionate about educating + helping others. She has her masters in Education and has been a Kundalini Yoga Instructor for nearly a decade.  She used Kundalini yoga and other modalities to help heal her seizure disorder.  She is a certified Alchemical Creation High Priestess, a Reiki Master Teacher, Angel Card Reader, and is completing her aromatherapy & herbal certification. ...


honor Hawkins, herbalist + wellbeing coach

Honor is a holistic wellbeing coach, herbalist, and Reiki practitioner who helps women get out of survival mode, feel vibrantly well and create a life they love.

Her unique work blends ancient wisdom with the latest lifestyle practices to support the body, mind and spirit of the modern woman. Her loving and lighthearted approach addresses the physical, emotional, and the energetic. Her intuitive way and customized process lets wellbeing feel easeful, joyful and attainable. It’s practical meets “woo” with a kiss of magic and a big hug. ...


Summer Mini Retreat


OHM Radio 96.3

96.3 FM Ohm Radio provides non-commercial, locally-produced programming, dedicated to serving Charleston with a wide range of community perspectives and really good music. Our programs will promote democracy, sustainability and healthy community. We are here to celebrate Charleston’s beloved creatives, musicians, culinary artists, authors, students, business owners and thought leaders on our airwaves. We are a forum to showcase the good deeds of nonprofits and other community organizations working to improve our Holy City, as well as the good words of regular folk just trying to live and make ends meet. Ohm Radio will be genuine and relevant to all the different types of people living in our beautiful city.