Caryn and Elli had the idea to offer an educational, healing, empowering event that offered so much potential for supporting the challenges of grief and life shifts, that it would do more than ripple throughout the community. They inspire WAVES. They do it by curating the most integrative, comprehensive experiences that leave guests feeling special, heard, and held. They do it by collaborating with local businesses who believe in giving to missions that align with the larger vision of a harmonious life for everyone. Caryn and Elli are thrilled to announce the sponsors for The Mini Retreat :: summer brunch on June 16.


still soul studio, ELITE Sponsor

Still Soul Studio is a welcoming space located in the heart of downtown Charleston for all levels of meditators – whether you have only heard about meditation for the first time or have already been practicing a form of meditation.  

At Still you will find an incredible team with the most experienced and open-hearted teachers in Charleston teaching a variety of meditations. From meditation and breath work to yoga and sound baths – to workshops on topics such as aromatherapy, Ayurveda, Chakras, crystal healing, wellness and more – we are here to help in your journey to the peace within you.

Still Soul Studio continues to offer a generous donation for our Benefactor since The Mini Retreat experience first started.



woodhouse Day Spa, Elite Sponsor

The Woodhouse Day Spa is Charleston's ultimate, full service, luxury day spa that offers a peaceful and relaxing environment…you will immerse your body, mind and spirit in all aspects of health and wellness. While you relax in a luxurious robe and comfortable sandals, you may enjoy a beverage while indulging in your choice of over 70 rejuvenating spa treatments. 

Our team of dedicated professionals possesses a genuine desire for your overall well being and will make your experience the ultimate retreat. Whether you Whether for a day or an hour, a friend’s day out or a bridal shower, a birthday or an anniversary, we are ready to deliver the spa experience you deserve.

The distinctive Woodhouse standard goes beyond your expectations, providing outstanding facilities and treatment therapies with your overall health and wellness in mind. In today’s hectic lifestyle we often do not take time for ourselves, so RELAX CHARLESTON and let the first steps you take to the perfect balance of beauty, health and wellness, be the ones that bring you to the experience at The Woodhouse Day Spa.

The Woodhouse Day Spa continues to offer a generous donation for our Benefactor since The Mini Retreat experience first started.


mission yoga, product sponsor

Mission Yoga has always been an evolving conversation about what yoga is and where yoga is going. Our hand selected team of senior teachers are known for their distinct voices and their dedication to personal inquiry through meditation as well as movement. They are collaborative in their efforts to create a dynamic conversation between teachers and practitioners that doesn’t define yoga but explores it.

We believe yoga is a vibrantly alive wisdom tradition and we utilize the ancient texts of yoga as well as modern psychology and exercise science to celebrate our part of that tradition. Vinyasa flow is a common thread among most of Mission’s teachers but we are also students of Shadow Yoga, Anusara, Iyengar, Kundalini, Bowspring, Vini Yoga, Jivamukti, Sarayana, and Yin Yoga.

Thank you!


Our relationship with each other and everyone we meet deepen through the many practices of yoga, meditation, journaling, sound therapies, Ayurveda, astrology, and other integral self care activities. 

Through our grief, rises and falls, joys and sorrows, we are on a mission to rise to love and above at every chance possible. Sure, life will challenge us (ehem! Elli's divorce) and bring us to asking WTF (cough, cough! Caryn's cancer diagnosis), and that's all the more reason to learn how to be present in the midst of the feels that are difficult so that we can more easily, more abundantly align with our joy when the time comes to return to our natural state.

We love you and care about how you perceive the world, which is why we are committed to introducing you to many different ways to access your innate ability to heal yourself. Trust us. Our events are powerfully healing AND fun!

To say we are honored and excited to host an event that supports your personal journey of evolution by loving ourselves first is a complete understatement!

Love and above, C+E