The Experience

a transformational experience for fun and growth.


Winter Mini Retreat is set for December 1st!

Fill your cup and detox before the end of year indulgence hangover to end your year ahead of the game.

Ready to Elevate!


Join us for the most epic Personal Development weekend retreat just outside of charleston

coming soon at DeBordieu Resort!

Escape the crazy busy grind, bring back your sparkle, so you can come back and manifest your dreams.

June 16th - Summer Brunch

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March 31st - Full Moon Gathering


Caryn & Elli met in 2005...

Caryn moved to Charleston after her father passed away only to find she quickly became fascinated with classes offered by local Holistic Coach, Elli. Elli has been in Charleston since 2004 after she immigrated from Germany. Through the challenging real experiences of Caryn's cancer diagnosis, Elli's divorce and her dad's passing, these two have a sincere friendship built on a foundation of sharing teachers and teachings, loss and grief.

Together, they combine their relatability with their natural instinct to have fun to bring you a slice of Happy Healthy and Wealthy living in a thoughtfully curated experience that ignites personal shift in all who attend.

Above photography provided by Stone Brothers Media and BadassBelles.